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Wedding Makeup Perth

How should you prepare your skin for the big day?  What essential makeup item should you carry with you? We had a quick chat with Perth makeup artist Sharene Harrison to find out and asked about her style and where her passion for makeup all began.  Sharene operates from  a beautiful 19th century converted studio in East Fremantle, alongside her photographer sister Teneil Kable.

How did your career as a make-up artist begin?

From a very young age, I was always excited to complete a full face (in colouring in books) with what ever textiles I could colour and shade with.  I didn’t realise my passion would lead me to becoming a qualified freelance makeup artist in 2003 allowing me to utilise the skills and knowledge gained to be constantly inspired to do what I love in this rewarding industry.

What tips do you have for brides to prepare their skin for the big day?

Drinking plenty of water and keeping to a regular facial routine without changing products too close to their wedding day.

What is your favourite style for bridal make-up?

I really love to apply a naturally enhanced, flawless makeup for brides, highlighting features that best compliment their face.


Wedding Makeup Perth


Should all brides have a make-up trial?

A trial is not essential, however some brides make the most of having their makeup done for their pre-wedding photos or a special occasion utilising the longevity and style they require for their wedding day.

If you could do make-up for one celebrity bride who would it be?

Angelina Jolie.  Her stunning lips and eyes provide the option to either naturally compliment or artistically stylise many amazing makeup looks.

What is the one make-up product you can’t live without?

Mascara is my daily weakness because I love long thick lashes. Mascara has the versatility of a subtle look or a more dramatic one, depending on the application.

What essential makeup items should a bride carry with her on her wedding day?

I provide my brides with a complimentary lip brush allowing for any touch ups or if applying a different coloured lipstick heading into the reception.


Wedding Makeup Perth


With 10 years experience in this exciting industry Sharene Harrison always feels rewarded with a new face to makeover, bringing out beautiful features with techniques and products specifically applied with longevity and skin health being the priority.  As a qualified freelance makeup artist she specialises in wedding and photographic/editorial makeup and enjoys travelling throughout Western Australia doing what she loves and sharing this passion with her clients.  Find out more about her work. 


Image credits: Teneil Kable

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