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Teneil Kable Bride and Groom

We love finding amazing wedding photographers so when we came across Teneil Kable we instantly fell in love with her work.  Teneil has an emotive style that really captures the natural beauty of those special wedding moments.   We asked Teneil for five minutes of her time so we could find out a little more about her.

What first inspired you to become a photographer?

Life and all its exquisite mystery.

Describe your wedding photography style in 3 words.

Intuitive, honest and emotive.

What is a typical day like for you?

Productive, creative and energetic!

Bride and Groom

What do you find most challenging about being a wedding photographer, and why?
These days photographers are challenged by the use of technology at weddings by guests and sometimes even bridal parties.

I was once told about a bridesmaid who posted a photo of the bride on Facebook before the ceremony, the groom happened to see it and was devastated to have seen his bride-to-be before their traditional ceremony.

This is only one example of how photographs that used to be left to the professional are now in the hands of all in attendance and therefore can create challenges that would otherwise not have existed on the day.

I think it’s great that we have this technology readily available when it’s used in the right way at the right times.

Wedding Bouquet by Teneil Kable

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How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t taking photos?
When I’m not taking photos, I love looking at them.  You will generally find me on Pinterest….it’s a bit addictive, you can see why here.

What is the most unusual photo shoot or location you have ever worked on, and why?

The Sixth Senses campaign with Photographer Justin Edward John Smith and Three Deep Design would have to be the most unique photo shoots I have ever worked on.  It truly explored through its creation and art the concept of the senses and ignited an inspiration forever explored in my work.  You can appreciate the international campaign here.

Which part of the wedding is your favourite part to photograph, and why? 

It changes all the time, depending on the wedding as I always come home smiling and a little more in love with the work that I am so lucky to do.   I figure without sounding cheesy I love it all!

Bride in Vines Teneil Kable

Teneil Kable is a portrait and wedding photographer based in East Fremantle, Western Australia.  Teneil Kable’s appreciation and eye for natural light is inescapable in her work as a photographer.  In 2008, Teneil put her passion for photography to work in the studio of photographer Samm Blake and spent almost 3 years photographing as a second shooter and designing the studio’s wedding albums.  So having spent some time behind the scenes, now working under her own name, her images portray an emotive, natural beauty and can often be described as journalistic by nature. 

Image credits: Teneil Kable Photographer 


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