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The excitement of your new engagement has died down and you have now entered full wedding planning mode.  You are starting to feel the pressure of what feels like a million decisions that you have to make between now and the big day.  Sound familiar?

Fear not, here are some tips for every beginner bride to follow to help you stay stress free in the run up to your special day.

Manage Your Guest List Carefully

It is natural to want to throw the biggest party of your life on your wedding day and get carried away with your guest list.  This obviously has great financial implications, but also think about whether you want to share one of the most important events in your life with people you hardly know.   It is easier to be strict in the beginning and then add a few more guests, rather than inviting everyone and trying to rein it in.

Don’t Obsess Over Your Weight

Every beginner bride wants to look their best in their wedding dress.  For many, this means obsessive dieting and exercise regimes to squeeze into a dress that you saw in the pages of a glossy wedding magazine.  It is important to have realistic expectations about your weight.  Choose a dress that flatters your shape at your average weight.  Don’t try to lose any last minute weight as it will add extra stress and leave you feeling drained.

Be Flexible With Bridesmaids’ Outfits

Gone are the days when bridesmaids were forced to wear hideous dresses, well we hope so anyway!   Your bridesmaids understand that they need to wear a dress that you choose for them, but you can also be flexible.  Maybe give them a few options to choose from so they are involved in the decision.  Don’t just choose a dress that you think will look amazing next to your wedding gown, if it doesn’t suit their body shape.  It will leave them feeling uncomfortable for the entire day.  Some brides choose a colour scheme but let their bridesmaids wear different styles of dress to flatter their individual shapes.  Keeping your bridesmaids happy will avoid any added stress.

Be Decisive

I will openly admit that I can be one of the most indecisive people on the planet!  But when planning my wedding in little over five months, I did not have the luxury of time.  This was fantastic as it forced me to limit the number of suppliers I approached and make decisions quickly.  It is so easy to become overwhelmed with endless quotes, invitation samples, wedding cake ideas and dress styles, not to mention all the little extras that you want to make your day unique.  Try to get just three quotes from suppliers and make a decision.  Your day will be special whatever you decide.


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