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After months of stressful research, planning and viewing wedding venues in Perth you have finally decided on the perfect location and secured your venue.   As the big day approaches, one of the best ways to ensure a stress free wedding is to check every last detail before the event.  One of the most important things on your ‘To Do’ list should be a meeting with your wedding venue in Perth, a few days before the wedding, to finalise all the details and sort out any last minute queries.  Take a notebook along.  Here is a list of things you may need to consider and confirm.

Final numbers

By now you should know how many people will be attending.  There may be some guests with different catering requirements, for example, there may be a children’s menu or someone with special dietary requirements.  Your venue will need to know exact numbers for this.   You may need to check that high chairs are being provided.  You should also check the final menu to ensure it is what you require and make sure you get a copy.  If you have guests with special needs you will need to check arrangements for them.

If you are having a buffet style reception, ask about what happens to any leftover food and arrangements for the cake.

Of vital importance is the final cost.  Go over this with the venue to make sure there are no hidden extra costs not accounted for and make sure you are absolutely clear about what is and is not included, so there are no disappointments on the day.  Some Perth wedding venues will even ask you to settle the final amount before the day.

Room and access to areas

It is a good idea to have another look at the room just to make sure it’s what you requested.  If you have asked for a room for your own use during the day, ask to see it.  Can it be locked so you can leave things in there?  You may want to store children’s packs or gifts for the best man and bridesmaids or at least have a secure place where you can leave them.

Check all the logistics of the day: where the guests will arrive, where they will be while you are having photos taken elsewhere and so on.  Will there be somewhere for guests to leave coats, if you are having a winter wedding?  Check which areas of the venue your guests will have access to.  Which bar is available and are they able to wander freely around the grounds?  Will you have exclusive access to some areas?

Table layout and seating plan

Make sure the venue is prepared to put out your place cards.  They will need your seating plan and named place cards before the day, if you are providing these, so this is an opportunity to take these with you.  Unless the venue is prepared to do this it is a good idea to make a large scale plan of the tables, which you will need to check with the venue at the final meeting.  You could give the tables names or numbers.  Alongside this provide a list with the names of the guests for each table.  This can be displayed just outside the room so guests will know which table to head for.

You may also want to request a table where gifts can be displayed and discuss arrangements for storing them safely if the room is to be rearranged for the evening.  One good tip is to ask for a bowl with water, which can accommodate the bridal bouquet if you are intending to keep it for posterity.

Access arrangements

Your cake will most probably be delivered to the venue; your florist may need access in advance to set up floral arrangements on the tables; you may have an entertainer or someone who is setting up a children’s area.  You will need to discuss the access arrangements so that you can inform your suppliers and helpers.  It is a good idea to take a list of all their contact details to give to the venue and you will need to give the suppliers and helpers the contact details for your wedding coordinator.  Conversely, the venue may have their own suppliers for certain things, so make sure you get a list of all their contact details from the venue.


Double check the timings for your big day and give the venue an itinerary with what is happening when so they know what your expectations are.  If you are having speeches, it is often a good idea to allow extra time as these very often run over the allotted time! It is especially important to make sure you are aware of the finishing time and when the bar will finally close.   Make sure the venue knows the names and contact details of your best man and bridesmaids or someone appointed to deal with any problems which may arise during the day.

Accommodation arrangements

If you are staying over at the venue in Perth, or have guests staying over now is probably the time to check the reservations.  You don’t want any of your guests or yourselves to be stranded at the end of the evening!

Finally, take someone along with you to the meeting with your venue, preferably one of your contact people for the day, or better still both the best man and the  chief bridesmaid.  There are so many details to think about and two or even three heads are better than one.  If this is not possible then you will need to update them on everything which has been finalised.  By leaving nothing to chance you will go a long way to ensuring a stress free wedding and that everything runs smoothly on the day!


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