Wedding Etiquette – Is It Rude To Have Our Wedding On A Friday?

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We all know that weddings are an expensive business.  The good news is that if you have a limited wedding budget there are many ways you can reduce costs.  One of these is to have a Friday wedding.

Your decision for a Friday wedding may not simply be for financial reasons.  It may be that your perfect venue only has availability on a Friday, or your special date may fall on a Friday.  Whatever your reason, you may be worried that it will be considered rude to expect your guests to attend your wedding on a Friday.

Don’t worry.  We say have it any day you want.  Those who love and support you will be there no matter what day of the week it is.  It is a real shame that bridal couples feel so much pressure to please everyone else when it is their wedding day.

It is important to understand though that your numbers may be lower as some people will be unable to attend, but if you are happy with this then go for it!   Just make sure your wedding VIP’s will be able to come along and send your Save The Date cards to let everyone know well in advance.

With Friday weddings, guests either need to take the day off work, finish work early or skip the ceremony all together and just attend the reception.  In order to make it more convenient for your guests you may want to think about the timing.  Planning a late afternoon or early evening ceremony would make it easier for guests to finish work early, and allows traveling time for those guests who are coming from further afield.

Would you have a Friday wedding?  As a guest, would you attend a Friday wedding?  Please let us know below.


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