Wedding Etiquette – Can We Invite Guests To The Ceremony Only?

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This is another tricky decision in the journey of wedding planning.  The ceremony is the heart of a wedding celebration, but today the reception is more often the focus.  After scouring the wedding forums and reading advice from wedding planning professionals it seems it is not recommended to invite guests to the ceremony only, as it is considered rude.

Traditionally, when church weddings were more popular, this was less of an issue because anyone can attend a ceremony at church.  However, the growing trend for civil ceremonies means that people usually attend by invite only.

It is recommended that all wedding guests are invited to the entire wedding.  Imagine how your ceremony only guests would feel after you have exchanged your vows and all the other guests head off to the reception.  This is even more awkward if your ceremony and reception are at the same venue.

If you have a limited budget then unfortunately you need to scale back on other areas of your wedding or cull your guest list.  Refining your guest list is like a political puzzle that can lead to hurt feelings and broken friendships.  No matter how hard you try you will end up offending someone.  But think carefully about why you want to invite the people on your list and if in doubt, leave them out.  By not inviting them to the whole wedding, you are being fair across the board and won’t leave yourself open to more upset and drama.

Have you ever been invited to the ceremony only?  Were you offended or grateful to be involved in their day somehow? Please let us know below.


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