How to write your own totally epic wedding vows

Its one of the things that can be over looked in the madness of wedding planning, and then suddenly a few weeks out, when the ceremony is being formalised it hits you – “we need to choose some wedding vows!” … Continue reading

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Etsy Find of the Day – Fun Groomsmen Cards

Unique Ways to Ask Your Best Man and Groomsmen

What a fun and simple way for your groom to ask the guys to be part of your wedding! Choose from a range of different coloured envelopes and a choice of different titles: – groomsman – best man – ring … Continue reading

Unique Bridal Party Invites

Bridal Party Invites

Have you decided on your bridesmaids and groomsmen but not sure how to ask them?  Why not make them feel super special by formally inviting them to be in your bridal party.  After all, your guests receive a formal invitation … Continue reading