How To Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

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Often brides (and sometimes grooms) will ask us how to look and feel their best in their wedding photos.  They can be a bit nervous, wanting to look great and have the photos truly show how they felt on the day.

In an unusual “technology moment” Mel from Melissa’s Photography decided to make an app to provide advice to brides and grooms on how to look amazing in your wedding photos.  The app can be viewed on iPad, iPhones and smart phones and you can view it on her website.

Mel has kindly summarised some of the best hints and tips below for us to share…

Smile! Laugh, smile and cry 

We’ll capture the moments and for the more posed parts of the day, if you find it hard to smile, or feel nervous in front of the camera, look down through the lens to your imagination.   See your hubby or your wife-to-be, smile at them, or your silly pet dog, or the crazy kids video.  Then it’s a real life smile, eyes and all.

Don’t look at the photographer

The best movies don’t have the characters looking down the screen.  They are filled with interactions and love – hard to do if you are looking for the camera.  Don’t worry, your photographer (and all good photographers will do this) is capturing it all.  The exception to this is the family formal photos, when you should look at our camera first please, not Uncle John’s or Aunt Betty’s!

The Details

Mel loves capturing the pretty things in the day.   Especially the little touches you dreamed of or created yourselves.  Flowers, jewellery, reception and ceremony stylings are of course all captured with flair and style.  However, if there’s something special the photographer might not know about; our nan’s mirror for your make-up, a cute bag you found in London, or anything else unusual, let us know so we can photograph it.  Also don’t forget to bring a copy of your invite to where you are getting ready, it can make a lovely start to your album.


A big part of your photographer’s job is people skills and time management on the day.  With experience of over 100 weddings, Mel has a pretty good idea about time required for photos of getting ready, the ceremony, congratulations, family photos, and travel and location photos.  Where possible try to discuss this with your photographer before you consolidate ceremony and reception times, another good reason to book your photographer early!


Be in the moment with each other, be brave and show your true feelings for your photographer to capture.  Of course this is easier if you’ve chosen your photographer because you like them as well as their work.  Look at your new husband (or wife).  Let your heart melt a little and it will make the most cherished photos. Promise.


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Melissa’s Photography is relaxed, affordable and intimate. Capturing your big day, recording you celebrating with family and friends and making sure you have fun.  All this is turned into wedding images to cherish forever.  Mel loves her Dean, two kids, crazy kelpie and her dear family and friends.  The constant reminder of love and laughter at weddings keeps her happy and energised.


Image credits: Melissa’s Photography


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