How To Choose Your Bridal Shoes

Blue Bridal Shoes

So you’ve bought the perfect dress; now comes the challenge to find the perfect shoes.  There are so many things to consider – the style, the heel height, the fabric, the colour, plus when you need to buy them.

You will need to take your bridal shoes to your first dress fitting so the dressmaker can see the length of your gown when you are wearing your shoes.  Allow time for your bridal shoes to be delivered as they may take some time to arrive.  Most shops only stock certain sizes and samples only.

We have put together some tips to help you choose the most important heels of your life!

  • Think about the length of your dress.  If you are wearing a longer gown will you be able to see your shoes underneath?  You may consider wearing flat bridal shoes during the day and heels for the reception, or vice versa.  No one has to know.
  • Consider the location of your ceremony.  A beach or garden ceremony could make it difficult to walk in heels so flats, sandals or chic pumps may be a better option.
  • Make a statement with your shoes by matching your shoe colour with your wedding theme.  Alternatively, your shoes could be your Something Blue!
  • Ensure you get a perfect match with your dress.  Take your dress or a fabric sample when shopping for your shoes.  Different materials and shades of ivory will look very obvious.  If your dress is satin, go for a satin shoe to compliment the high shine.
  • Consider how long you will be able to wear high heels for.  Your wedding will probably last for hours so think about the height of your heels.  Choose a style and heel height you will be comfortable wearing all day.
  • If your bridal shoes start to hurt, think twice before taking them off – they may not go back on!  Your feet are likely to swell a little throughout the day so if you need to take them off why not swap them for a back-up pair of beautiful ballet pumps?
  • Last but not least, wear them in!  Whatever you do don’t wear them for the first time on your big day.


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