How to Avoid Social Media Crashing Your Wedding

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In today’s modern world, where mobile technology is king, many of us live our lives through social media sites.  They certainly all have their place in our lives, especially helping to keep us in touch with friends and family abroad and at home, but do they have a place at a wedding?

Compliment Traditional Invitations

When letting wedding guests know dates, venues and vital information about your big day, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable, and most importantly FREE!  There is no doubt that the speed and accessibility to a mass of friends and family at the touch of a button is essential to many of us, but do we really want to lose touch with all the traditional aspects of planning and organising a wedding?

Sending Save the Date and wedding invites was one of the most exciting parts of my own wedding preparation.  Not only because my husband and I indulged in our love of homemade crafts and hand made all our Save the Date cards, but also because it is one of the very rare occasions today where we receive a lot of cards and letters in the mail, from RSVP’s!  It sounds silly but these little touches really made the build-up of our wedding exciting, and also gave us lovely notes and cards to keep as memories for the future.  I was actually offended when someone RSVP’d via Facebook. It made me realise how impersonal it is!

Delegate Tweeting and Sharing

It seems out of the question for a Bride and Groom to be on their mobile phones at their wedding, but of course this is your day, so you can do whatever you choose!  Personally I think that after all the months or maybe years of planning the most special day of your lives, why would you want to miss any of it by checking out what the rest of the world is doing?

If you are a very keen ‘Tweeter’ or ‘Facebooker’, then why not nominate someone at the wedding or in the wedding party to be the ‘chief updater’ of your social pages, leaving you to enjoy your day?  You can be happy knowing that all the people with whom you want to share this special occasion, who aren’t there in person, are updated and can see the photos of your day as and when it happens.

The Unplugged Wedding

Another aspect of us all being so instantly connected through our mobile devices is that during your day, many of your guests may post photos of you in real time.  This of course may not be a problem, but if you want to share only the official photographs on your social sites, or you do not like the idea of images of your special day being posted before you have seen them, then you need to make your wishes on this matter VERY clear on and before the big day.

Hopefully, whatever you choose to share or not to share of your day, you will have the most incredible and memorable day of your lives, and your guests will be looking at you and the wedding party instead of updating their Facebook status!

Do you have any other tips for social media at weddings? Please let us know below.

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