How To Add Rustic Charm To Your Wedding

Woodland Wedding

Finding beauty in the rough textures of a rustic and natural world and combining them with the elegance and vibrancy of deep coloured blooms for table accents creates a juxtapositioning that can be jaw-dropping when styled well.

Create a rustic feel by using hessian aisle runners, bentwood chairs and raw undressed wooden tables; however it’s your wedding day and you’re allowed to get your creative juices flowing!  Another fabulous idea would be to hang a rustic wagon wheel from a tree using thick woven rope; however don’t forget there needs to be the right amount of contrasting elegance and vibrancy to create the eclectic atmosphere.

We suggest long rectangular tables, bright and bold flowers that can be arranged in long wooden up-cycled boxes, simple cream table runners and mismatched fine bone china dinnerware.  You could even include a tea cup and saucer (one of my favourite styling items!) and clean cut crystal glassware is always a style winner.

When speaking to brides one of the most common quotes I hear is ‘I know what I want, I just don’t know how to make it happen.’  Creating this look or any look and making it your own can be done by following some simple guidelines:

1. Blogs, blogs and more blogs! – Please don’t underestimate their ability to give you unheard of ideas, colour schemes, and themes.  I cannot stress how much help blogs will be to a bride planning and styling her own wedding!  Write down the style of the wedding you want, the items that are a must, and the atmosphere you want to create and go blog crazy!

2. Once you choose a style stick to it, don’t chop and change half way through!  A wedding can quickly turn into a hot mess if this is not monitored carefully.  I see this mistake made over and over again.  The best way to beat this is to map out what you want, plan what your bridal and guest tables will look like  – ceremony, gift table and so on.  This will be a great help early in the planning process.  Research your ideas so you are sure of what you are looking for and that it fits your venues.  If you start looking for items with a clear and sure mind you are less likely to hire or buy items that don’t fit your design theme, therefore saving money and precious time.

3. Less is more!  This is an extremely important point.  There are lots of great ideas out there; however I see brides getting lost in a lot of detail.  Don’t be overwhelmed, or worse, try to include them all.  Pick one focal point.  If you are wanting wooden doors to walk through don’t then choose a big altar display.  Having one focal piece looks more tasteful than having too many.

I hope this inspires, encourages and gets your creative juices flowing.  Handle and Spout Tea Co wish you all the best in your creative wedding planning journey!

Handle & Sprout Tea Co. Floral Wedding Centrepiece Pretty China for Weddings Handle & Sprout Tea Co. Rustic China for Wedding Setting Pretty Drink Station For Rustic Wedding Mismatched China and Vases

Handle & Spout Tea Co. is a vintage hire and styling boutique for the creative couple.  We have a large range of elegant and unique vintage items for hire including everything from furniture to table decor.  Our desire is to inspire and transform the most important day of your life with the most innovative and unique ideas the wedding industry has to offer.


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Image 1 & 2 – Sheridan Powell
Image 3 & 4 – Left:  Sheridan Powell, Right: Jayden Brand Photography
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