Don’t Forget Your Relationship In The Lead-up To Your Wedding!

Bride and Groom

Everyone loves a wedding.  Having been a bride myself, I know first-hand the high emotion and importance the most special day of your life brings as you formalise and celebrate the love and friendship you share with the man (or woman) of your dreams.  There is no other day like it, where you exchange vows in the presence of your family and friends.   A wedding signifies an exciting new era with the prospect of beginning your own family.  A wedding is that one unique day in your life, that one special time where you make a promise and begin a life-long partnership.

With such intense emotion and meaning entwined in the fabric of a wedding day, it is no wonder the lengths that people go to in order to make it perfect.   Quite often, it is the future bride who takes on the responsibility of coordinating everything from the bridal party’s attire, to the flowers, venue, décor, decoration, invitations and more.  With so many things to organise and coordinate, the event tends to take on a mind of its own and it is easy for the bride to get consumed with ‘pulling off the perfect event’ rather than focusing on her groom-to-be.  In fact, in the flurry of excitement and rush of adrenalin, a bride can inadvertently ‘forget’ about her groom!

With this in mind, be sure to take conscious actions to nurture and enjoy your relationship as your wedding day approaches.  Remind him that he is very important and that you can’t wait to marry him. There is nothing more romantic and sincere than buying a gift for your future groom for no other reason than to show him that you love and care about him.  This heartfelt gesture will have him feeling adored in the lead up to your special day.  It doesn’t need to be expensive but make your gift a special experience.  You may also like to surprise him with a candlelit dinner at home or a romantic night out.

By taking these very simple steps, you will find that even with the most demanding wedding plans, your relationship won’t take a back seat and neither will he.  Give him plenty of love and attention as your special day gets closer.  After all, let’s not forget that your wedding is a celebration of the union you both share.  Be sure to nurture and enjoy this wonderful bond during what will be the most romantic and special time of your lives.

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Don't forget your relationship in the lead-up to your wedding
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