Couple Chat to Future Selves At Wedding Reception

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What if you could take a glimpse into the future on your wedding day to see what this new chapter of your life might hold?  These newlyweds did just that!

Ben Nissen and his new wife Katie surprised their wedding guests with two special visitors – themselves in 50 years time!  They managed to bend space and time by using new technology to Skype their future selves and celebrate their 50th anniversary on their wedding day.

“Folks, time travel is possible.  And inside of this computer is a device that’s going to allow us to make face-to-face video contact with the future Ben and Katie.”

Ben and Katie were able to communicate with Ben and Katie 2063 and ask them important questions about what life was like as a married couple.  They asked their future selves questions such as whether they will have any children and which of their bridal party was next to tie the knot.

This incredible wedding video is one of the best we have seen and should definitely be added to the hall of fame.

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