Christmas Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas Proposal Bauble

Christmas is the perfect time to propose.  It is the season of goodwill, a time for families and when the world falls in love.   As with any proposal, a Christmas marriage proposal should be unique, romantic and make a big impression.  Here are a few marriage proposal ideas for the festive season.  Why not start the New Year off with a bang?

1. Give her (or him) an extra special bauble to hang on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, like the one pictured above.  What a lovely keepsake to remember your engagement every Christmas!

2. Wrap the ring box inside a series of bigger gift boxes.  Your intended will think they are receiving a very large gift.  Pop the question as the last box is opened.

3. One of the more crafty marriage proposal ideas is to create an advent calendar.  As each door is opened reveal a reason why you love her (or him).  Reveal your special question behind the door for December 25.

4. Propose with the New Year countdown.  As the crowd roars and counts down the seconds, quickly tell your sweetheart one reason for each second why you love them (obviously you will need to prepare in advance and practice).  When the New Year arrives simply whisper, “Will you marry me?”

5. Take her (or him) for dinner at a romantic restaurant.  Arrange for the waiter to bring out two covered desserts, one with the ring hidden inside.  Ask the waiter to bring over a bottle of bubbly once she (or he) has said “Yes”.

6. Play Santa for the day at a local store and have one of your girlfriend’s friends take her shopping and convince her to sit on Santa’s lap.  Make sure her friend brings along the camera to capture the moment.  You can give her the Christmas gift she has always wished for.

7. One of the simplest marriage proposal ideas is one which is a complete surprise.  Simply hide the ring box in her stocking.  She won’t expect to find it amongst the selection of chocolates and tiny gifts.

8. If you usually try and make New Year’s resolutions, arrange to sit down and write them together.  Make it fun with a bottle of wine and then read out your resolutions to each other.  Let your last one be ‘To make you my wife (or husband)’.


Once you have popped the question, its time to start the wedding planning.  Browse our wedding venues to see if one is available for your special day. 

Do you have any other unique marriage proposal ideas?  Please share below.


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