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Wedding Makeup

In the run-up to your wedding there are many things you can do to prepare your hair, face and body for your big day.  But, there are also so many rumours when it comes to beauty and hair care that it can be difficult to decide what is fact or fiction.  We have compiled a list of the most common wedding makeup beauty myths and have resolved them once and for all!


Myth #1 Lip-balm makes your lips drier

FALSE – People who regularly use lip-balm often say that the more they use them, the more their lips need them.   But before you go chucking out your Chapstick, although certain ingredients such as menthol and alcohol can lead to irritation and dryness, the dryness is more likely due to the fact that the wearer becomes used to the glossy feeling on their lips.  If your lips feel dry after applying your wedding makeup then lip-balm is a great way to keep lips glossy for your wedding photos.


Myth #2 Curling your lashes after mascara breaks them

FALSE – Many years ago the formula of mascara may have led to brittle lashes so it was not advisable to curl after applying mascara to avoid snapping off your lashes.  Today’s mascaras however, contain high-tech flexible polymers and nourishing oils so snapping your lashes is unlikely.  The real problem is the risk of your lovely lashes sticking to your curler so if you are doing your own wedding makeup we suggest curling before applying mascara.


Myth #3 Pluck a grey hair and three more will appear

FALSE – The old wives’ tale suggests that if you pull out one grey hair, a multitude will grow back in its place. However, it’s impossible to increase the number of follicles you have on your head as a result of plucking out a hair.  If you are concerned about the appearance of grey hairs on your big day, try a semi or permanent hair colour a few weeks before your wedding so you have time to change the colour if you don’t like it.


Myth #4 Pumping the mascara wand will help me get more on the brush

FALSE – The pumping action will actually add extra air to your mascara tube, which makes the product dry out quicker.  Instead, when applying your wedding makeup, pull the wand out slowly so as to pick up more product.


Myth #5 Steam = open pores and the ultimate cleanse

FALSE – Whilst using steam and hot water as part of your daily routine can help to remove dirt from pores, it won’t open them.  Steam simply helps to loosen the dirt inside the pores.


Myth #6 Sleep can help you lose weight

FACT – A good night’s sleep regulates your metabolism and can help you lose weight.   When you are sleep-deprived, hormones that regulate metabolism and increase hunger are affected, stimulating an increase in consuming calories.  The likely result is weight gain.  So if you are trying to get in shape for your wedding then make sure you are getting at least 8 hours sleep.


Myth #7 Chocolate causes spots

FALSE – Countless studies have found no direct link between chocolate and spots so chocolate won’t cause a breakout on its own – but an unhealthy diet will.  Make sure you have a balanced diet especially in the lead up to your wedding to ensure your body receives all the nutrients it needs.


Myth #8 Cutting your hair will make it grow quicker

FALSE – Despite being told that we should get our hair trimmed every six weeks to keep locks healthy, the reality is that hair will grow at its own pace, no matter the condition.  However, if you are trying to grow your hair for your wedding day, it is important to get it trimmed to avoid split ends.


Myth #9 Sleep deprivation causes dark circles under your eyes

FALSE – Dark circles under eyes are determined by genetics and are the result of a concentration of veins beneath the very thin skin in that area.  They do not change with more or less sleep.  Lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes which can draw attention to these dark shadows.  Try applying a cold compress in the morning to constrict the blood vessels, or use a collagen-building cream.  For a quick camouflage when applying your wedding makeup invest in a good concealer to hide the shadows.


Myth #10 You can’t smell your own perfume

FACT – Strangely, this appears to be true which also begs the question, “Why wear it in the first place?”  Using the same fragrance every day can cause the wearer to become immune to the perfume.  Don’t over apply perfume on your wedding day as this can become overpowering to your guests.   One spray of your favourite scent on your wrists, elbows and collarbone will be enough.


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