10 Unique Wedding Invitations

DIY Christmas Bauble Wedding Invitation

Are you struggling to find unique wedding invitations that your guests will remember?  Your wedding invites are the first glimpse of your wedding so should reflect the style and personality of your big day.  If you are going for an elegant vintage theme for example, then your invites should represent this.

Your wedding invitations don’t always have to follow your colour scheme.  Here is a selection of 10 unique wedding invitations to wow your guests.

Balloon Save-the-Date

If you want a fun and interactive way to announce your wedding date to your guests then why not send them a balloon.   They simply blow up the balloon to reveal the details.  We love this idea, especially if you are planning more of a casual affair with a big party rather than a traditional event.

Balloon Wedding InvitationInflated Balloon Save the Date


Retro Record Wedding Invitation

For fellow record collectors out there,  this invitation represents a love for music and all things vintage.

Retro Record Wedding Invitation


Transparent Wedding Invitations

We love this idea! Two separate pieces of acetate come together to make your invitation.

Transparent Wedding Invitations Transparent Wedding Invitations Clear Acetate Wedding Invitation


Scratch-off Save-the-Date

These lucky scratch-off save-the-date cards are an entertaining way to reveal your wedding date to your guests.  Everyone loves a scratch card and the anticipation of finding what is hidden under the seal.

Scratch Off Save The Date Card


Christmas Bauble

Are you planning a Christmas wedding, or sending your invitations around Christmas time?  We love these DIY Christmas bauble invitations.  They look so lovely hanging on your tree and are a perfect keepsake.  So grab some mulled wine and your bridesmaids and give your invites that festive touch.

Christmas Bauble Wedding Invitation


Origami Wedding Invitations

These unique origami-folded invitations take your guests back to their childhood and give them something to play with when they receive the news of your big day.

Origami Wedding Invitation


Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

For the romantic wedding we love this handkerchief wedding invitation with printed gingham border.

Handkerchief Wedding Invitation


Antique Wooden Wedding Invitation

For the eco-friendly wedding, why not print your invitations on wooden cardstock instead of regular paper?  You wouldn’t think so but it actually uses less trees and is definitely unique!

Antique Wooden Wedding Invitation


Chalkboard Rustic Wedding Invitation

This chalkboard design adds a touch of rustic elegance and is ideal for a country wedding.

Chalkboard Rustic Wedding Invitation


Fingerprint Heart Invitation

So simple, yet romantic, this ready-to-print design is perfect for the DIY wedding.

Romantic Fingerprint Heart Wedding Invitation


Which one is your favourite?  Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Mel says:

    Ooohhh.. I really like them all.. but the transparent & the origami are fun, quirky and so clever!

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